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Visit Micke Grove Zoo

August 15, 2018

Lodi, California is known for being a very friendly and welcoming city in San Joaquin County. Within this lively little city, guests are treated to views of the scenic valley side, while being exposed to all sorts of new historical locations and attractions. One of the great attributes to this city is just how much there is to explore within in. No two visits to Lodi, California will unearth the same experiences, making this the ideal place to vacation. About the Micke Grove Zoo The Micke Grov...

Visit the World of Wonders Science Museum

July 15, 2018

Lodi, California is a beautiful city which is renowned for having some of the most fantastic wineries in the state. Complete with tranquil art galleries and striking nature preserves, a vacation to Lodi, California is certain to be a calm and relaxing experience. However, there is more to this city than just wineries and pretty sights. With places like the World of Wonders Museum, your vacation here can also be educational and insightful too. About the World of Wonders Science Museum The World ...

Visit Jeremy Wine Company

June 15, 2018

The Jeremy Wine Company is a fantastic winery located in downtown Lodi, California which strives to provide the best wine tasting experience during your visit to this amazing town. This winery is renowned for providing an exceptional variety of styles of wine for you to enjoy while exploring the winery. This Lodi attraction is a must for any visitors in the area.  About the Jeremy Wine Company   The Jeremy Wine Company is best known for the wine tastings it hosts. These tastings are ...

Discover the San Joaquin County Historical Museum & More In Lodi

May 15, 2018

About the San Joaquin County Historical Museum Run by the San Joaquin Historical Society, the San Joaquin County Historical Museum stands as a non-profit organization that strives to produce the people of Lodi, California with the most interesting and accurate information that is sure to further educate others about the local area.  The San Joaquin Historical Society has been in assembly since 1954 and has been operating the museum since 1966. The San Joaquin County Historical Museum cont...

Fishing and Boating at Oak Grove Regional Park

April 15, 2018

Expanding over 180 acres, the Oak Grove Regional Park is located in the midst of a gorgeous oak forest in the San Joaquin Valley. Featuring a Nature Center and the Park, the Oak Grove Regional Park contains the Oak Grove Lake and several walking trails. This park, complete with fishing and boating opportunities as well as other accommodations, makes an ideal spot to visit while in the San Joaquin County. About the Oak Grove Regional Park Fishing and paddle boating are both permitted within the...

About Lodi Wine Country

March 15, 2018

Lodi is located just between San Francisco Bay and the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and is California’s most sought-after wine tasting areas and is referred to as the “Zinfandel Capital of the World.” Back in the mid to late 1800s, Lodi was originally named “Mokelumne” or “Mokelumne Station,” after the river that the town was founded on. It was like this until the families of the original settlers of the area decided to name their new land after their hometo...

Oak Ridge Winery in Lodi

February 15, 2018

Oak Ridge Winery was established in 1934. It is the oldest winery that continuously operates in the city of Lodi California. Owned and managed by the Maggio and Reynolds families, the winery is known for its estate wines. It was a winemaking cooperative at one point in time before the families acquired the estate in 2002. Today, Oak Ridge Winery is a state of the art facility with modern equipment and winemaking techniques. About Oak Ridge Winery Oak Ridge Winery secures produce from estate vi...

Visit Micke Grove Zoo

December 15, 2017

 Visit Micke Grove Zoo Located at the Micke Grove Rd., Lodi, to the west of Armstrong Rd. Micke Grove Zoo is home to many native animals and exotic species from all over the world, including several endangered species like the Cotton Top Tamarin and Black and White, Ruffed lemur. The zoo is an entertaining place for all family members, especially children as it provides them with the chance to view some of the most exotic animals in the world. About the Micke Grove Zoo Enjoy the many exc...

Explore Micke Grove Zoo

November 15, 2017

If you are traveling to Lodi with children, a must see Lodi attraction is Micke Grove Zoo. It is always fun and exciting to visit a zoo, and seeing wild animals in their habitats just gives kids a sense of wonder and enchantment. Micke Grove Zoo is an inexpensive and fun educational excursion for guests of Days Inn Lodi who are traveling with children. Explore Micke Grove Zoo in Lodi Micke Grove Zoo, located at 11793 Micke Grove Road, is a small zoo that occupies about 5 acres of land in the C...

World of Wonders Science Museum

October 15, 2017

If you are planning a trip to Lodi, then WOW Science Museum is a must-visit destination. This tourist destination presents best opportunities for fun, education and real-time practices on exhibits that incorporate in-depth scientific facts. Here young scientists can collect exciting details about sound waves, kinetic energy, electricity, and construction.  This museum has over 70 fun and hands-on educational activities for all age groups to enjoy.   Kids can work on wide collectio...

Visit Lodi Lake Park

January 15, 2017

Surprisingly, Lodi can offer that perfect weekend you have been longing for. Lodi offers plenty for a romantic getaway or a family friendly trip. Lodi is also increasingly becoming a new wine region; There are several wineries in Lodi. You should explore the San Joaquin County Historical Museum and Hill House Museum, Micke Grove Zoo and Lodi Serpentarium. Take a stroll and shop at the historic downtown and tour the art galleries, watch a play or attend a concert at Hutchins Street Square theatre...